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Business English mp3 Exercise Results - Situation 2

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Transcript of Business English mp3 Situation 2

HR:  Hotel Miraflor.  Reservations.  How can I help you?

AP:  Hello.  I’d like to book a room please.

HR:  Certainly Sir, for how many people and for how long?

AP:  Just for myself, for 5 days starting tomorrow night.

HR:  Would you like a room with shower and air-conditioning?

AP:  Yes please and I’d like a room facing the sea if possible.

HR:  I’m sorry Sir, there’s nothing left facing the sea.  We do however have
    a very nice room overlooking the garden and it’s very quiet.

AP:  Alright.  That will do.

HR:  Excellent Sir.  What’s the name?

AP:  Pike.  Alfred Pike.

HR:  Mr Alfred Pike.... and what time will you be checking in?

AP:  I’ll be arriving from London at 9pm so I should be at the hotel by 10.

HR:  And how would you like to pay?

AP:  How much would it be for the night?

HR:  It is $60 per night, Sir and you can pay by Visa, Mastercard, ... cheque or cash.

AP:  OK I’ll pay by Visa.

HR:  Excellent Sir.  So we’ll see you tomorrow evening.

AP:  Fine, thanks very much.

HR:  Have a nice day.  Bye!

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